To Empower the students with Knowledge, Values, Skills, Creative lateral thinking and also enable them to become Entrepreneurial Architects while safeguarding the Global, Societal and Environmental issues with their Innovative Design


1. To impart knowledge based skills and develop technically sound professionals who will function as Entrepreneurial Individuals.

2. Provide quality education by making them aware of the latest building technology; facilitate them to create Innovative Designs and use of up-to-date software’s.

3. To build their confidence and sensitize them to the prevailing issues by appropriate guidance, seminars and lectures of Experts on topics related to their course as well as other Environmental issues like Water crisis, Global warming and Disaster Mitigations.

4. Make them future –ready by interactions with the stalwarts of the Industry and related Allied fields.

5. To instill moral values through discipline and create responsible adults by providing proper direction and counseling.

6. To inculcate in them the need for Research in the field of Architecture & Exposure to Construction Management.