Topic: ‘Energized spaces’- college wall painting activity

Co-ordinated by: Asst. prof. Apoorva Gijare.

Day and date:17th Dec 2018 to 19th Dec 2018.

Time: 8:30 a.m. till 6:00 p.m.

VENUE: SBPCOAD Gr. Floor. entrance & corridor walls of 2nd- 3rd and 4th floor.

Subject: Enhancing ambience and applying Architectural language to the walls of college.

Attended by: Fourth Year students


The purpose of this activity was to make the building lively and also to get inspired by the similar activities happening in other Architecture colleges in SPPU, India and abroad, to motivate students to take part in college activities.


This activity kick started initially as a wall painting cum mural competition named ‘Energized space’ which was launched internally in the college on 05/07/2018 with extended submission date of 28/08/2018. The students submitted the concept sketches on following topics (briefs were provided to the students)-

  1. World map (International Architecture)
  2. Incredible India (Indian Architecture)
  3. Bygone (Traditional / Vernacular architecture)
  4. Atlas (popular cities of the world)
  5. Unbound (Architectural doodling)
  6. Out of the wall (Kinetic Architecture)
  7. Maestros (Famous Architects)
  8. Panorama (Landscape Architecture)
  9. Décor (Interior Design)
  10. Snapper (Architectural photography)
  11. World today (Modern / contemporary Architecture)
  12. Rainbow (only colors)
  13. Daydream (3D illusion).

Each category was headed by a faculty and a student in charge.

The meeting was held at Principal’s cabin and headed by Principal Dr. Mahendra Sonawane and attended by Prof. Apoorva Gijare (faculty head for competitions), Prof. Gurudeep Chikhalkar, Prof. Swati Bhide & Prof. Shilpa Patil. The panel of faculty was selected for the selection of the entries. The selected panel is headed by Prof. Gurudeep Chikhalkar and has Prof. Swati Bhide & Prof. Shilpa Patil as members. The faculty panel selected the entries from all 12 categories.

All faculty members and Principal sir brainstormed on the various concepts from Architectural books, internet and through student entries for each wall in subsequent meetings and finalized the artwork for each wall. Each faculty was assigned two walls and the concepts for those two. The dimensional drawings were prepared of those artworks by Faculties with the help of group of students.

All the walls were first marked by chalks and markers and then painted with each themes.


Ground floor railing walls and columns are painted with design principles and compositions

Students painting the columns and stub walls of ground floor corridor

First year students painted a geometrical illusion on 2nd floor wall in front of the staircase

Walls of corridor adjacent to the 1st year classes display their work of a semester in for of the collage of their models.

1st year enthusiastically working on the walls

The entrance of library has a painted collage of the names and Authors of very few of the Architectural books in the library. Students of 3rd year and 2nd year worked on the

The left column of staircase bears the names of all the streams Masters Courses of Architecture.

The 4th floor walls of 4th and 5th year classes also say participation of the students.

Students painting a perspective view on the 4th floor corridor wall.