Scope for Architecture

Once you are done with your XIIth, the second most important thing is what to do next? There are several options available like going for medical, engineering, science, commerce, computers, architecture and design, etc. It’s after-all everybody’s choice. But, personally I think architecture and design is a quite creative course. You can use your innovation and creativity to construct the world.

College of Architecture in PuneArchitects are the ones who create amazing buildings and infrastructure. Additionally, they also create the dream world for you in your home. The marvelous tall buildings and skyscrapers make the cities beautiful and add glory to them. In the last few years architecture has changed immensely and is considered as a modish profession. Students from different backgrounds and faculties are seeking admissions in best architecture and design colleges.

Architecture is an appealing and artistic career in which there is a lot of scope for personal, professional as well as financial growth. After completing the degree in architecture and designs, you can work with construction companies as a designer. An architect has a huge responsibility of understanding client requirements and balancing aesthetics and realism. Also, a skillful architect can use his ideas to balance the look of the buildings, financial budget of the client and time required to complete the work.

Architects can also work with government organizations like Town and Country Planning Organization, Public Works Department, Public Sector Undertakings, Housing and Urban Development Corporation, National Building Organization, etc.

Apart from working in construction companies, an architect can also work independently by providing consultancy services to the clients. But for this, h/she requires artistic skills and work experience. Such architects working independently can open their own architecture and design firms and earn a good income. But, it is not one-man job. He will definitely need to hire people to plan details of sizes, specification and estimates of structure cost.

Architects working in companies can obtain a starting package of INR 20,00 to 30,000. Architects having work experience of more than 5 years obtain a package of INR 50,000 to 60,000. Furthermore, if the candidate has completed his degree from a top architecture college, he/she may get more than average Indian salary.

Architecture and design field is quite attractive and appealing. By using your knowledge, skills and creativity you can design huge buildings in the world and can also create beautiful interiors for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc. Sounds interesting ! Right ?

Today real estate market is a boom and that’s why architects are going to be in more demand in coming years. So, students don’t worry and don’t get confused regarding selecting the stream for degree course. If you think you are creative, innovative, artistic and imaginative, go for it! You have a bright future in architecture field. You can use your knowledge, skills, creativity and imaginations in creating beautiful world around you.

I am sure you have decided by now to go for architecture degree. But make sure you seek admission for the same in a top architecture college in Pune. In fact, there are several good architecture colleges in Pune, but search for the top 10 architecture colleges in Pune and then select the best college from them like S.B. Patil College of Architecture and Design.

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