Being An Architect, The Responsibility Is To Create!!

As we know architecture is beginning of everything, it should speak of its time and place but yearn for timelessness. It is a rational procedure to do sensible and beautiful things. It needs creativity, patience, passion and lot of determination.  Being an architect one should have that passion and creativity. Architect is an artist who creates art. The origin of word “architecture” has come from the mid 16th century Latin wordarchitectura’.We at S.B. Patil College of Architecture, tend to create architects who are not only creative but also thorough professionals. We have the best team of faculty who always seek the goodwill of students. All these years we have been able to sustain our position. We comes under the Best Architecture Colleges in Pune. Once the British architect, David Chipperfield said, “The limits of architecture are its strength. Its inability to give form to a transit idea, its inevitable tendency to stabilize is the latent power of architecture.” It’s true; architecture is build by aiming towards eternity. Architecture always works with the facts of technology.

At S.B. Patil College of Architecture and Design in Pune we strive to inculcate in young designers, the logic of science and technology, spirit of the traditions, human values and responsibilities towards the society. Architecture always comes from an inspiration. We believe that an architect should have the sense of fashion because it is a matter of proportions and perspective. Architecture arouses human emotions and an architect gives them direction by creating the beautiful buildings. Great architects are like great writers. Their abilities to observe the world around us down to the tiniest details, and then make the most remarkable connections, have in time given humanity great stories and experiences.

SB. Patil College of Architecture & Design is managed by Pimpri Chinchwad Education Trust, a registered society with aim of promoting quality technical education in and around Pune. The infrastructure includes six studios, three classrooms all equipped with LCD projectors. The library of this college, though in its second year, has six hundred and fifty books (400 titles). Our college is one of the top 10 Architecture Colleges in Pune.

Odile Decq (18 July 1955, Laval) is an award-winning French architect and academic. Being also the director of the Paris firm, Studio Odile Decq, once she said “Architecture is much more than a profession; it’s a discipline.”

The students, as professionals of tomorrow, should develop capability to explore and adventure ideas, reason, search the truth and facilitate development of healthy environment for society. This college would therefore seek to ensure the development of world-class education infrastructure, provide access to research and practice-enabled learning, and integrate nation-building with intellectual wealth. We are the best Architecture Colleges in Akurdi. We create the best Architect to make the world more beautiful!

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