The field of architecture is a massive field which gives the students a chance to follow their dream and pursue in that direction. The students interested in designs can choose the track accordingly while those interested in making renovations to the old buildings and constructions can move ahead with the other track. The opportunities to follow your interest can be achieved by choosing a specialization in architecture. If you think that architecture only includes designing of the buildings, then you are wrong. The field offers a wide scope for students to make their career.

To secure your career, students need a good College of Architecture in Pune.
Architecture college in Pune


1. Construction

Architects design buildings that need to be built or renovated but their role spreads well beyond this. They form an important part of the design team and takes several decisions at each phase. Architects are hired once the initial concept is ready and is involved right till the completion of the project. The work of an architect is not finished even if he completes the design of the building or structure; he/she plays a vital role in giving the inputs to the construction team to make the structure perfect. An architect always tries to match the output with the expected results to make more improvements to the plan.

2. Urban design –

The noble quality built the environment that arises from the careful study of issues specific to a situation needs an innovative attitude. Society may view from the past, a culture that is both sophisticated and inquisitive. The program for architecture and urbanism is about determining the right fit between social, economic, cultural, political and environmental needs. The building industry must come up with innovative answers that can support the markets and governments, move towards a suitable model for future development without spending the wealth that we have built up. In the master courses of Architectural Urban Design, we try to support the genesis of innovative solutions for concrete spatial problems, based on substantial analysis, emphasizing the possibilities of the plan.

3. Interior Design –

The Interior Design specialization offers the chance for you to explore creativity, health and wellness and sustainability within the context of Interior Design. Whether you are exploring the greater depth and the research expertise to engage in evidence-based design or planning to turn to practice with terminal degree credentials allowing you to teach, the program can grow your career.


  • Presents you with a diverse skill set and career opportunities

  • Maintains a proud tradition of design superiority and leadership in education

  • Provides analysis and theory-based problem-solving abilities for the increased complexity of interior environments

  • Connects previous education, practical knowledge, and scholarly inquiry into producing new knowledge to develop the discipline

4. Finance –

In architecture, it is most important to know how materials work together. Creating a design that will not hamper the budget due to the materials you have chosen will be a failure. Hence an important part of creating the designs is thinking the way to save costs on the project. The architect can help in minimizing the material costs as he understands how much material is required to complete the construction within the given budget.

5. Consultant –

Consulting architects are firm owners or managers who own or operate for independent architecture or other design firms. These skilled professionals are employed in several variations of private discipline. Some are individual proprietors that focus on private or specialty work. Others are concerned in medium-sized firms, likely operating on a broader scope of contracts from private or government sectors. Many are huge enterprises, often taking on a broad range of public, commercial and modern projects. Their role is to plan creative and good building design solutions for customers.

Architectures are the creators and builders of tomorrow so it is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the young crowd. Be the part of who are going to make things better in the future. The need of an architect is to design plans for houses, buildings, townships, cities, and much more structures. The most important part of pursuing an architecture degree is to pursue it from one of the best b schools in Pune. S. B. Patil Architecture College has earned a good reputation among students as a top college of architecture in Pune.

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